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Dr. Danielle Esplin

Dr. Danielle Esplin received her Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences with honors at the Pennsylvania State University in 2016. She minored in French, living in Southern France the summer between her studies, and was accepted into veterinary school a year early to become the youngest in her class, receiving her Veterinary Degree in 2019 from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Esplin grew up in Bucks County and is excited to stay in the area to combine her most recent university knowledge with the long-time practical experience of Rockhill Veterinary Associates to provide clients with up-to-date, friendly, and traditional care. Her professional interests include soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, and exotic medicine. Dr. Esplin looks to maximize client and patient comfort, and is Fear Free Certified, practicing soft handling techniques and reward methods to look after the physical and emotional well-being of her patients.

In her free time, Dr. Esplin enjoys spending time with her family and friends by exploring local towns, playing board games, traveling, and conducting friendly competitions. She loves to paint and spend time in the outdoors by skiing, horseback riding, boating, hiking, or playing tennis. Dr. Esplin has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (“Penny”), a Calico (“Kit Kat”), and a Quarter Horse (“Jazmine”).

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